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Welcome to The Swedish Military Police Association!

The Swedish Military Police Association (SMPA) is a national voluntary defence organisation and a part of the Swedish Federation for Voluntary Defence Training and Education. Founded in 1954 the SMPA has a strong commitment to the activities of the Swedish Armed Forces.

We support the Swedish Armed Forces and our soldiers. Our members regularly participate in international operations in Mali, Afghanistan and Somalia.

The members of the Swedish Military Police Association are deployed, active and retired Military Police personnel, as well as civilian Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) – often with a military background.

We conduct up to date military training and education for our active military personnel, as well as participating in national and international military competitions and gatherings. The Swedish Military Police Association is also a strong supporter of proven international training concepts for our Military and Law Enforcement members.

International activities

10695259_10152733657764515_1611226701_nIn 2016 two members from SMPA participated in an Irish MP-course, ”Preparation for overseas deployment”.

In 2015 one member participated in the police exchange program, NORDCOP, at the Police Academy in Stavern, Norway.

Members from the SMPA participated at the ”4-daagsee” in Nijmegen, Netherlands, in july 2013 and 2014.

During the summer of 2012 was attended by members from the SMPA at the Danish patrolcompetition ”Sommertraeff”. The Swedish team took first place.

In 2010 the SMPA introduced the American concept on tactical medicine – the “Tactical Combat Casualty Care, TCCC” to its members.

In 2009 the SMPA sent a four man team to the international Military Competition “Commando Raid” in Norway.

In 2008 the SMPA sent three members (decorated police officers) from the Stockholm County Police toTexas, USA for the “Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, ALERRT”- program.

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